Study abroad and Future Careers

Not a pleasant surprise to see a lot of abroad students studying in foreign countries. Language, culture, and education are barriers to them. But why do they choose the hard path?

Some people respond because of the love of its country. They are willing to learn more from it, exchange culture to know more in depth about it. Some people believed studying abroad will broaden their future paths by risking their youths, adapting, and learning independently. While others claimed the foreign countries have better future prospects, the nation itself is in contradiction.

Most companies only accept those who fulfill their standards, which is local language proficiency. While international students ace in their academic profiles, most of them find it difficult to find their desire jobs.

“It is a news to me. I have always believed life will be better if I stay abroad” said an Indonesian student who is unemployed currently. Most of them don’t bother to look at my resume that I have done for days. I almost have no hope seeking for a job here.

A survey conducted to international students in Taiwan, mostly are not proficient in Chinese language. Most of them are relying on branch companies from their countries, while others seeking for multi-lingual requirements.

Sometimes if I am lucky, I will be asked for an interview. To some people, they just need to prepare the necessity. Meanwhile, I need to prepare a written script to memorize some of the words that I hardly can expresss due to language barriers.”

These problems arise each year, such as the companies turn a blind eye before they reference the applicants’ experiential level. Thus, a lot of international students choose to make a return. They feel more accepted in their own country, mainly because of language barriers.

Taiwan has a regulation on the working-permit, which is they can extend their visa permit for a year after they graduated before they depart. This is a big issue for those fresh graduates that have no future career and currently jobless.

An article was published in June, stating the number of international work permits issued by the government each year is limited, since they are some restrictions on them. Unlike Taiwanese students who only need to apply for labor and health insurance, companies must apply to the Ministry of Labor for an evaluation system work permit on behalf of international students.

Of course, I hope to find ways to keep them.” Therefore, the government has adjusted the overseas Chinese several times. The policy of staying in Taiwan hopes to recruit more graduates from overseas.


The main problem keeps arising and the government still don’t have a concrete solution to help the international students stay in the country. Even though the government have made a three-month probation policy to the company regarding working permit, most companies still choose to recruit the locals.

If the country doesn’t accept fully the non-local. Yet so, what is the purpose of them coming to the country?

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